Tekina-eiru' returns home to...
El Concilio Taíno Guatu-Ma-Cu A Borikén

El Día Taíno 2011
Celebración del Orden de Guabonito
En la finca del Pueblo de Guatu-Ma-Cu
25 julio 2011

THE PLACE TO BE SUMMER 2011 was with Tekina-eirú Maynard as she returned home to her pueblo El Concilio Taino Guatu-Ma-Cu A Boriken. The wonderful memories will be forever written in her heart -- including the building of the Batey for this ceremony.

Enjoy these photos of El Concilio's annual homecoming event -- El Dia Taino -- that calls all our people home. Each year, members of our Pueblo come from across the island and from around the world for a chance to be together. This multiday event included Areyto (ceremonial dance) in full native dress.

Tekina-eirú will never forget this 2011 Homecoming, and the tears of joy in everyone's eyes as we danced the first Areyto on our new batey, in the mountains that our families took refuge in 500 years ago. It was a historic ceremonial dance that celebrated The Order of Guaybonito, which restored many Taino traditions back to our pueblo.

Tekina-eirú is a proud blood descendant of the native Tainos who call the island Boriken. She is a consecrated Elder of El Concilio Taino Guatu Ma-cu A Boriken, and is mentored in native leadership and traditions by the (Chief) Cacike Caciba Opil Veguilla. She is a Tekina in the Suania -- a Teacher of Taino traditions in the Americas, and a leader of ceremonial dance.

Celebración del Orden de Guabonito

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