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La Ceremonia consagrando El Mayohuacan
(Ceremony to consecrate the native Mayohucan drum)

In 2008, after one year of ongoing teaching of our Director, blood Taino descendant Ana Mari-á Tekina-eirú Maynard, Cacike Caciba Opil (Martin Veguilla) of The Concilio Taino Guatu Ma Cu A Boriken came to Austin along with key leaders of his Concilio Taino to personally teach our company, teachers -- and our children -- about Taino culture and history. On April 3-8, 2008 our cultural center was excited to host the Cacike and his people, who taught a variety of important Taino traditions, including native percussion and dance, songs in Taino, and how to make maracas and other native crafts. We even learned how to play the ancient Taino ballgame of Batu!

Each and every day was amazing. But the most beautiful experience was a ceremony that was held in a beautiful forest in McKinney State Park to consegrate a handmade Mayohuacan the Cacike and his people made for our Director's family. Our people were excited to dance in their very first Areyto! Our Director's young son, and born percussionist, was named "guerrero" (warrior) of the drum. During a surprise moment, in the middle of the mayohuacan ceremony, the Espiritu Ancestral decided to name him "Manayani," a warrior name meaning "Hatchet Striking the Water.

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