1st Annual Taino Family Camping Trip
Granger Lake, Texas - Oct 10-13, 2008

On Oct 10-13, 2008, our PRFDance & Cultural Center students and their families enjoyed a 1st Annual Taino Camping Trip for the whole family at Granger Lake, Texas. This 4-day family campout was the last event in our Celebrando 2008 - Taino Project that brought The Concilio Taino Guatu Ma Cu A Boriken to Austin so that our community could come to know the traditions of our Taino heritage -- for most, for the first time.

El Concilio's Cacike Caciba Opil and Abuela Arani were flown to Austin from Boriken for this special long-weekend that celebrated Taino heritage "off-stage," with educational activities that taught us how to sculpt in clay (vasijas de barro) and make maracas Taino Style. The Cacike taught us one of his favorite sports (beyond batu) -- Jibaro Fishing! We made casabe bread in 1000 year old formal tradition, and, held a beautiful Naming Ceremony in front of sunset waters, for those who missed out in June and wanted their Taino name. At night we danced Areitos and sang Taino songs -- much to the delight of neighboring Girl Scouts who were on a campout that included a focus on native traditions.

For many, this was the end of a a beautiful year of learning about Taino cultural traditions, music, dance and ceremony. For some, this project was a reclamation of a lost family heritage.

Tekina-eirú is a Tekina in the Suania -- a Teacher of Taino traditions in the Americas, and a leader of ceremonial dance.

Taino Family Campout!

Playtime & Jibaro Fishing!

Taino Vasijas de Barro

and Maracas Taino...

Ceremonia de Casabe

Ceremonia de Nombres

"Proud of our Taino blood! From the roots of this noble tree,
the next generation grows!" -- Tekina-eirú

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