The Gift of Original Corn
from Kalpulli Tlalteca

by Maria Tureyguanani' Maynard

Enjoy this photo-diary documenting the growth of the
gift of original corn
given to the children of the Taino of Boriken
by the Kalpulli Tlalteca people of Mesoamerica.

"Watching the corn growing is amazing. Not one but all THREE seeds are growing!"

The corn plants sitting in my yard
with a halo above.

April Update - April 29, 2010

About one week after the Aryeto, my Mom said, "Maria go check if the corn is growing." So I went and I saw three little grassy green corn sprouts in the ground. I ran and told my Mom, "MA, THE CORN IS GROWING!!!!!!" She replied, "We NEED to go save those sprouts from the lawn mower!" We got three cups and three spoons and ran outside.

First we saw if we could get into the rocky dry crumpling ground with our spoons. We could, so while my Mom dug around the corn plants (so we could get the plants out out) I went and looked for some dirt. Luckily the people next door had a plant that died and they had thrown the dirt into the yard. I got the cups and a spoon and shoveled some dirt into the cups. Then I ran as fast as a roadrunner carrying the cups full of dirt and gave them to my Mom. By that time she had gotten the plants out of the dirt. Then one by one she planted the corn in the cups.

June Update - June 7, 2010

It is a sad day when two of the corn plants have past away.The smallest died probably because of sickness or light and the middle for the same or different reason. But one of the plants are still standing. He is located in a nice garden along with two bananas. We are planning to plant more so the corn pant will not be alone. That is all for now so check back soon for a new corn entry.

-- Tureyguanani'

July Update - July 15, 2010

Standby for the next diary entry. Our corn plant has a corn!!! -- Tureyguanani'

Keep checking back for future exciting episodes!

"Proud of our Taino blood! From the roots of this noble tree,
the next generation grows!" -- Tekina-eirú

Enjoy more photos of our Taino Heritage!!

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