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Folkloric Art Gallery

We love to promote artists who paint Puerto Rican folklore! See our resource section for more artists.

Folkloric Paintings of Antonio Broccoli Porto

Bio - Antonio Broccoli Porto
Through his art, photography and music, Antonio conveys his love for the "La Isla del Encanto" (the Isle of Enchantment). His education includes studies of Fine Art at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. Later He attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy. Antonio studied 2 years of Latin Percussion at Harbor Conservatory, located in El Barrio of New York City. His latests art studies include attending 3 years at Escuela de Artes Pláicas of Instiuto de Cultura Puertorriqueñn Old San Juan. He is known for his renditions of Afro-Puerto Rican dance rhythms and folklore of Loiza and other parts of the Island; in particular, Bomba y Plena. The Goevernor's office, Turismo de PR, El Instituto de Cultura PR and El Museo de Nuestra RaíAfrican, own several of his works.

Antonio is listed as a Puerto Rican Artist with el Instituto de Cultura PuertorriqueñHe is the winner of 2 UNESCO Art acheivement medals and has also won many painting competitions, having exhibited in PR, US, Canada and Europe. Recently he participated in La Meustra Nació de Artes Pláicas in Old San Juan by Instituto de Cultura PR. He was commisioned to paint a Madonna Latina for the Barrio museum in Philadelphia "La Neuva Esperanza." His works have appeared at museums in Puerto Rico including el Museo del Niño, the Carnegie Library, and El Museo de Nuestra Raiz Africana, and were featured in the set design of International TV program "The Division" on Lifetime Television, in the apartment set of Police Inspector, Magda Ramierez. Enjoy this select sample of his work.

See something you can't live without?!
If you tell him you saw his work on the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance (PRFDance) website he will give you a special price and a donation to PRFDance! For more information about the artist, and to enjoy the full cross-section of his work, visit his Virtual Gallery at www.studioporto.com.

All images Copyright, shown with permission.

Mama Andrea by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Vejigantes de Loiza by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Cumbanchero de Plena by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Tres Reyes Santos by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Loiza del Monte by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Baile Loiza by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Floral a Bailadora by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Playero by Antonio Broccoli Porto

Cumbanchero Ponceno by Antonio Broccoli Porto

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